zaterdag 25 februari 2017


Yesterday Trump told the world he wants more Nuclear Warheads, ending by this way an agreement about freezing the amount of Nuclear Warheads for 10 years made by Obama and Putin.
(Graphic: National Priorities)

As a political animal I am fascinated with Trump and what he is doing. It looks to me like a Greek drama. Everybody hopes for the best, but feels at the same time that one day it will go wrong and then nobody can stop it.

"Our values"  (photo cartoon of petrus)

Trump is unpredictable also for his own Republican Party. They believe that thanks to him they will have more power. At the end they will learn that he will be more a setback than a chance. We in Europe have bad experiences with unpredictable rulers. I hope the people of America are spared for such a terrible experience.

"These are enemies" (photo cartoon of petrus)

As you know we in Europa are less capitalistic than Americans. We believe in social justice managed by the Government to keep differences in wealth between limits. We are for medical insurance for everybody. We are for housing for everybody etc. I know this is not always working well, but we try. We don't believe in individualism only, we believe that we are also social creatures.

Statistically it is not terrorisme that kills Americans but their own guns.
( Graphics: Politifact)

Trump says he is going to make America Great again, “America First” he said 3 times during his inauguration speech. What is he talking about? America has been the first since I have been born in 1946, only one year after Wold War 2 ended.

"Friend (the butcher of Grozny and Aleppo)" , photo cartoon of petrus

The most powerful army in the world is American, the biggest companies, old ones as for example Exxon and new ones like Google, Facebook, Apple are all American. The dollar is like gold and used worldwide.  American multinationals are operating in every corner of the world. What is Trump talking about? He wants to take more from te world?

"NOT the right people" (photo cartoon of petrus)

Sure, there are poor Americans and sick ones and handicapped. What is he going to do for them? More capitalism, more rat race so rich people like himself are becoming more rich? Until now I did not hear anything from Trump about social justice or something old fashioned as solidarity. In Trump the idea came flesh that  it is every man for himself and God for us all.

With kind regards,

(from a letter to a Canadian friend)

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