zaterdag 4 maart 2017


Photo Cartoon made by Petrus
During his address to the American Congress, President Trump wanted to unite all Americans behind his policy with the words " We are one people, with one destiny. We all bleed the same blood. We all salute the same flag. And we are all made by the same God."

However, the question is who are "we" in these sentences? I suppose he means all Americans without distinction by race, religion or gender.

If this is the case why then he is talking about "blood" in stead of "Americans"? 

Besides, the word "blood" evokes memories to the "blood and soil ideology" that was used by the Nazi's and that historically belongs more to the idea of a tribe than of a democratic nation.

Londerzeel, 27/ 2017

"So far history.  I never got along with those leftist critics against te USA. I like many parts of the American culture, arts, music, films, writers and so on. In a certain sense I "trusted" the USA as a global power. But with the arrival of Trump I was first astonished and now I don't know. I understand your reasoning, I am also of the "optimistic type" and I never feared the future. But Trump is everything what I reject. He is so hateful, egoistic, bad taste, lack of culture, no respect for others, a millionaire's playboy. He comes to my nerves, more than for example Putin does. From Putin you can expect all this but from a an American President?

You are right, in Europe we see the same kind of political leaders rising. Even in my own country. I am still hopeful he will not win the elections. The last weeks Wilders is sinking in the polls. But you never know. Polls are not very trusty especially with so many voters undecided. We have to wait and see.
These kind of populist leaders exploit FEAR: fear for islam, fear for refugees coming from the Middle East, fear for the bad economic situation which by the way is the last month much and much better. 

Spiritually most people are lost or may be better to say empty. They have no spiritual force anymore, they are spiritually and existentially defenseless. Secularisation has made people also spiritually lonely. They need entertainment to forget their loneliness. Political parties and leaders don't know how to handle this. They believe only in the material side of existence.

I agree with your observation about capitalism. We need it because of entrepreneurship and innovation. I have seen what happened in Russia and Eastern European countries if you are governed by a secular dictatorship that decides every aspect of life from birth to death." 

Taken from my latest letter to a Canadian friend.

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