zondag 29 januari 2017


Hiroshima after the Atomic Bomb had been dropped on the 6th of August 1945.
It is estimated that the bomb killed instantly about 80.000 people
and another 60.000 because of radiation and burns.

I don’t like conspiracy theories but since Trump has become President of the US, you cannot avoid it. So for example I wonder if US President Donald Trump is not planning to use nuclear weapons against ISIS? 

Why else he insists so persistently that he is looking for good relations with the Russian President Putin? He even claimed that for him Putin and German chancellor Angela Merkel are on the same level of trust. He is needless friendly for Putin if his goal is only to renegotiate an agreement with Russia on nuclear warheads.

If Trump wants to renegotiate the amount of nuclear warheads between Russia and the USA, you would think that he sees NATO alliance as an important strategic and tactical instrument towards Russia. In stead he calls NATO obsolete. This sounds as he sees NATO as an obstacle to his plans instead as another support for his plans towards Russia. 

The other question is ISIS. Since his electoral campaign Trump has insisted on the defeat of ISIS as an absolute priority for the USA. In this regard, however, he never spoke about the possibility sending troops to the Middle East. It appears now that he just asked the Ministry of Defense to present within a month a plan for the defeat of ISIS. How this plan will look? Will troops be send to the Middle East or what other options will be considered?

Is one of the military options to use nuclear weapons in the Middle East? In that case a good relationship with Putin will be of importance as to avoid misunderstandings about the US goals. In return for his neutrality, Putin gets a free hand in Ukraine and more room to expand its geopolitical sphere of influence in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. This explains why NATO has become obsolete.

A nuclear attack in the Middle East will establish the absolute power of the US in that region and the rest of the world, like was the case with the use of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. Indeed,  a nuclear attack in the Middle East, will make America great again, like it was after World War II. But at the same time it will make the world more insecure than ever.

The only Global Power that Trump cannot easy control is China. This explains why he is trying to put China in an economic corner from which it can not escape easy. At the same time he will try to make clear China to remain outside this question.

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